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Disability Awareness Programming for Schools K-8

Building a More Inclusive World,
One School at a Time

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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Alignment
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See How We're Transforming Disability Awareness
EOTL Academy

How do you feel when you meet someone with a disability?

Are you uncertain, fearful, avoidant, pitiful? Or are you curious, conversant, understanding, and accepting? Even the most well-meaning people can feel unsure how to interact with and address someone with a disability. As someone becomes familiar with disability, they realize it’s just a difference (not a deficiency)... and a whole new world of connection and possibilities opens up.

EOTL Academy makes it second nature for children
to understand and accept disability.


Remove Barriers
of difference and fear
Shift Perceptions
of what it means to live with a disability
Build Bridges
to children's everyday lives
Meet Children
where they're at cognitively and developmentally
Elevate Disabilities
by amplifying strengths and sharing amazing stories
Teach Children
how to communicate, understand and connect with people who have a disability
Instill a Spirit
of interest and acceptance that welcomes people of all diverse backgrounds
Change the World
by changing the way people see disability
EOTL Academy

"This program is changing lives. I recommend it for every child in every school."

M.L., Superintendent


"This was my children’s favorite week at school!"

H.M., Parent


"Our school has participated in the Academy for several years now, and I highly recommend it."

– C.B., Teacher

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